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(this game is win or lose)

1. The Monster Is Loose [lyrics]
2. Blind As A Bat [lyrics]
3. It's All Coming Back To Me Now [lyrics]
4. Bad for Good [lyrics]
5. Cry Over Me [lyrics]
6. In The Land Of The Pigs, The Butcher Is King [lyrics]
7. Monstro [lyrics]
8. Alive [lyrics]
9. If God Could Talk [lyrics]
10. If It Ain't Broke, Break It [lyrics]
11. What About Love? [lyrics]
12. Seize the Night [lyrics]
13. The Future Ain't What It Used To Be [lyrics]
14. Cry To Heaven [lyrics]
today i feel: deviousdevious
16 December 2007 @ 09:00 pm
01.Honeymoon 02.Happy additions 03.Children 04.Illness 05.Uprooted
06.Marriage 07."Families are like fudge- mostly sweet but with a few nuts" 08.Blood is thicker than water 09.Family Night 10.Dinnertime
11.Family secrets 12.Down the Generations 13.Family portrait 14.Family Reunion 15."Other things may change us, but we start and end with family"